5 Critical Areas To Ace Your Amazon Interview

published on 15 September 2021

If you want to land a job from your Amazon interview questions you’ll need to become a master in these 5 critical areas.

Excellent command of these is non negotiable if you want to land an offer. These Amazon interview coaching available at the Amazon Interview Whizz Academy exhaustively covers these but here’s the top line.

#1 The Amazon Interview Introductory Questions

Why Amazon & Tell Me About Yourself

Especially in early rounds, interviewers will want to get a better sense of your capabilities and fit for the role.

You’ll need to use these introductory questions to do that.

#2 The 14 Amazon Leadership Principles

The Amazon Leadership Principles are the DNA of being an Amazonian. Your interview will be heavily focused on gathering the evidence that you "raise the bar" in the behaviours that denote the Amazon Leadership Principles.

#3 The Facets of Each Amazon Leadership Principle

Through my deep understanding of the Leadership Principles I creates a new way of understanding them.

Each Amazon Leadership Principle  is made up of at least 2 key facets. To properly understand the Leadership Principles, you need to understand their facets.

The Amazon Interview Whizz Academy Masterclasses break down each Leadership Principle into their component facets to make it easy for you to truly understand.

This is an example for Customer Obsession:

  1. Total Commitment: Going above and beyond what customers might usually expect. Making it a personal priority in the way you would take care of your own needs or the needs of someone you cared deeply about.
  2. Coaching: Guiding your customer towards choices that are most beneficial to them. If your expertise outstrips your customer's teaching them towards a better choice. No just doing what your customer tells you.
  3. Anticipating: Understanding your customer and their needs so well, that you are able to think ahead for them. Finding things for them that they don’t at the moment, even realise they want or need but they turn out to love.
  4. Championing: Being willing to fight for the interests of your customer even against your own team and leadership- if you believe the decision is not in the best interests of your customer.

#4 Amazon Behavioural Interview Questions

Your Amazon interview will primarily be made up of the interviewer asking you behavioural interview questions.

There are approx.150 possible questions in the AIQB (Amazon Interview Question Bank) that they could choose from. Plus they can create their own.

You'll need to prepare at least 2 examples per Amazon Leadership Principles from your career history, to ensure you have an example to cover the questions you could be asked.

You can use a single example are re-shape it for different Amazon Leadership Principles.

These questions will come in the below type of form

"Tell me about a time when you delighted a customer with something they didn't expect"

"Tell me about a time when a customer wanted something, but you thought something else was a better solution for them".

#5 The STAR Example Model

Amazon prefers and it's interviewers are trained to expect you to answer in the STAR format.

S- situation

T- task

A- action

R- results

I encourage my candidates to add

I- improvement

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