Reviews From the Academy Candidates

It's important to hear from other users of products. 

Luckily at the Amazon Interview Whizz academy that's not all you need to rely on. With us you can get a FREE Customer Obsession Masterclass so you know exactly what type of product you're investing in.

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Thanks to GG's thorough, actionable and detailed guidance, I secured an offer at Amazon! If you haven't heard terms like Leadership Principle, Bar Raiser and STARI, you need the Amazon Interview Whizz Academy! 

In addition to all of this comprehensive content, you will also find GG generously sharing her time in YouTube Q&A sessions. 

Thank you, GG, for all you do to demystify the Amazon interview process and help candidates like myself achieve their dream roles!

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Amazon Training Partner Manager
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GG's content is hands down, the best when it comes to preparing yourself for your interviews. 

Not only is her free Youtube content insightful and relevant but she takes the time to reply to comments when individuals have questions as opposed to doing what some of the other coaches do which is to just try and sell you on their very expensive courses.  

Her paid content is amazing and affordable with actual examples, worksheets and practical application pieces to help you break down what you need to focus on . I 100% recommend her material even regardless of the organisation you're interviewing for.

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Amazon Manager Learning And Development
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I want to give GG a huge thank you for developing such high quality, impactful and engaging content. 

The videos and masterclass helped me dive into and understand the LPs in a way that I could reflect how my personal experiences applied to each, then how I could effectively relay this this in a structureed manner that best represented my experiences, skilld and motivations. 

Thank you again. 

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Amazon Customer Solutions Leader
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GG's Courses were extremely helpful in preparing for my Interview at Amazon. I started with her youtube video's but then jumped on to the detailed courses specially the fundamental principles required for any Amazon interview. 

The courses gave me the additional confidence and also where I should focus in my STAR interview responses and also understanding in detail how Amazonian's think. I would recommend GG's courses for anyone in their journey to an Amazon Interview. 

Oh yess I also got the Job I applied for at Amazon. Thanks GG and Wish you all the success!

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Amazon Technical Account Manager
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GG's Videos and Courses were extremely helpful in preparing for my Interview at Amazon. 

I especially appreciated her mock interview videos, that had a huge similarity to my actual loop interview. GG really helped me get a job offer at Amazon(JP). From Tokyo With Love

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Amazon Senior Development Executive, Local Original Movies
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GG’s course and content were critical in my preparation for the Amazon interview process. She provided clear structure and focus on what mattered in an incredibly easy to understand format.  

There were so many times I said to myself “I am so glad I took this course because I really didn’t understand that point correctly”. Her free content is amazing, the full course (I purchased all of it, you should too) was the key to focusing my preparation time on what mattered most, and I believe my success in the process.  

So many people told me to just be myself and I will be fine. I am confident that had I not taken this course I would not have been fine. You can be the perfect Amazonian, and I never doubted I was the right fit, but you have to learn how to convey that in the process. GG is who taught me that.

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Amazon National Sales Manager
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GG's training is a life saver and career booster. I have studied my Amazon interview from several resources but my aha moment happened when I watch GG's mock interview videos in her course training. 

They were totally eye-opening and gave me the full picture.  I had nailed my interviews and became a Sr. TPM at AWS thanks to GG's wonderful course materials and her positive energetic attitude. Thanks a million 

GG. You are the best

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Amazon Snr Technical Program Manager